She moves in mysterious ways, ahhhh... (leevanzandt) wrote in fan_domestics,
She moves in mysterious ways, ahhhh...

Hi, hi, hi...

I'm new here, but not new to either a)my fandoms or b)my cleaning (heck i just did the bathroom today). I am pretty good with cleaning, but I have a problem.

You see I have been cleaning unsupervised, just about every type of cleaning job since I was ten or eleven (and i am 21 now). I am applying for a part-time job with Merry Maids, as it's what i enjoy doing, it destresses me and i'm good at it. My aunt taught me to do all this.

Problem is, I can't exactly get any references from my aunt, being as that we have had multiple fallings out over the past ten years, i'd rather not go into the details. So how can I get a recommendation?

Thanks for your answers and Namarie'.

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