Jade Lennox (jadelennox) wrote in fan_domestics,
Jade Lennox

barley salad

I invented a recipe the other day on a whim, and it went over well, so I wanted to share it. It was basically a "I'm bored of winter; what summery food do I have in the house" recipe.

Barley Salad:

1 C barley (about 3-4 cups cooked)
1 can of black beans
1 bag of corn I froze last summer when I was a genius and planning ahead, but a bag of frozen corn should do as well
2 C frozen tomatoes I froze ditto, but a can of diced should do as well
Tossed with a little bit of olive oil (mine was spicy I infused with habaneros, so in the absence of spicy oil, maybe add some other heat, cayenne or something?), lots of cumin, cinnamon, salt and pepper.

Yummy taste of summer in the snow!
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