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Vacuum recs?

I have a Sharp upright vacuum that I purchased... huh, I guess going on five years ago now. It was supposed to be top of the line, highest recommended, best buy yadda yadda, and frankly it's driven me nuts for years. Which is esp annoying considering how much I paid for it.

The problem is the fan belt. I can use the hose part of the vacuum with no problem, and in that regard it's downright magical. But try to actually do something crazy like vacuum a floor and I can't go more than two feet without the fan belt slipping off. Cue me turning off the vacuum, walking back to the wall to unplug it, taking the vac apart, putting the belt on, putting the vac back together, back to the wall to plug it on, turn the vac upright again, turn it on, vacuum about two feet and... cue me doing that all over again.

You can see why this is annoying.

I bought a new belt and that one still slips off. I suppose I could take it in for repairs but the last time I did that all the guy did was put the belt on for me and charge me about thirty bucks for the honor.

So here's my questions:

1) Am I missing a really obvious cause for why the fan belt keeps slipping? Ideally a cause I can fix on my own? Bear in mind that the vacuum automatically adjusts to carpet height and my carpet is a very low berber style, so it's not that the machine is getting caught in a thick shag or anything. Also bear in mind that there's a new belt in there as of two hours ago, so replacing the belt doesn't do it.

2) Should I spend the money to try to get it repaired again? The last time I did this was a while ago, so I can't take it back and ask the guy to fix it for free under the premise that his previous fix didn't work. I'd have to pay all over again. Which I'd do if it would actually fix the problem, but if not...

3) Should I give up on using this vac for my carpets and take the money I would have spent on repairing it and put it towards buying another, albeit cheaper, vacuum?

I have to admit #3 is running high on my list of possibles, because I currently have a credit on my Amazon account which, when combined with the free shipping, could get me a cheap but hopefully servicable vacuum for about the same price as I'd spend on repairing a vacuum I hate with a firey passion. I can still use the old vacuum for cleaning the furniture and various nooks and crannies, so all the new one would have to handle is the rug. Which, again, is not that difficult a rug to deal with.

If so...

4) Anybody have any recs on good, affordable vacuums? (ideally ones that don't mind getting pet hair out of carpets) =)

Thanks in advance!

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