WesleysGirl (wesleysgirl) wrote in fan_domestics,

Ack! Pie failure.

So, I tried to make Alton Brown's Lemon Meringue Pie. 'Tried' being the key word, as the lemon curd part didn't set up.

I made a different crust, a sort of butter-flour-confectioner's-sugar affair that I use for lemon bars. I find it hard to believe that that had anything to do with the failure. I don't think it was a length of cooking issue, since if anything I left in the oven a bit too long, to the point where the meringue ended up a bit more tan than golden.

I felt like I followed the lemon curd part of the recipe pretty well. The water-cornstarch-sugar mixture thickened up beautifully, so I think the problem came during the whisk-into-egg-yolks or cook on low for another minute sections. Should I have had it bubbling gently during that last minute? Ought it to have thickened up then?

I'm figuring it's safe to eat, since the meringue was well cooked and the egg yolk in the lemon part had boiling thickener whisked into it and then cooked at 375 for 12 minutes. If anyone thinks it might be akin to eating raw egg and I should toss it, speak now or forever... um, listen to me whine about being ill.
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I think you're okay with the egg yolks

The lemon curd should have thickened up in the pot; the oven heating is just to brown the meringue.

I don't thing you over boiled the eggs - gentle bubbles are okay. The lemon juice could have potentially broken it, in which case, a little more cooking might have fixed it.
Yeah, I think you're right. *Sigh* I'll try again sometime soon. I ate some of it last night and it was yummy, just... not pie.

I loveth lemon curd, but find it fussy on one point, though I make it all the time: when it comes to whisking in the eggs, you don't want it toooo scaldingly hot (but don't cool it too much--just give it a minute-ish) or you'll have instantly cooked egg before you get a chance to mix it in properly. Perhaps this was your prob with the setting up. It's still cooked, and thus, totally fine to eat, and it still tastes amazing. It can just be a tad... lumpish... sometimes. :)
It wasn't lumpy, it was just... goo. Like a lemon sauce that you could have poured over something. It was weird!
Hmm... but yum anyway!